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    Launch 3 Telecom buys, sells and repairs surplus wireline and wireless telecommunication equipment. With regional warehouses, superb customer service and a repair center that can handle hundreds of repairs a day, we can support all the major Tier 1 providers spanning the globe. Contact us today at, call us toll free at 877-878-9134 or email us at

Launch 3 Telecom has Cisco – A9K-24X10GE-TR in stock and ready to ship. Please contact for a quote or call 877-878-9134.

Launch 3 is currently looking to buy the following material: Kaelus QBC0002F1V51 Andrew E15V90P46 CCI  QPX-07081921 Andrew E15S09P49 Andrew PWRT-608-S Andrew RFFT-36SM-001-60M   Please contact for more information! M: 973-248-5189 O: 877-878-9134 Ext. 113


Launch 3 is going to be scrapping the below Argus antennas in the next few weeks. Argus LLPX306R-V4 qty. (220) Argus LLPX310R-V1 qty. (43) Argus LLPX310R-V4 qty. (30) We are open to any and all […]

Launch 3 is currently looking to purchase the products below: Rosenberger: FB-L98B-034-15000, FB-L98B-034-30000, FB-L98B-034-50000, FB-L98B-034-60000 Andrew: RFFT-36SM-001-15M, RFFT-36SM-001-30M, RFFT-36SM-001-50M, RFFT-36SM-001-60M If you have any of these units available, please reach out to us.  We are […]

KFE 101 1164/1 PCF 02 06 BGK 901 18/2 SHU 02 01 BGM 136 1006/2 SCU 02 01 BKV 301 216/156 RBS 6201 Fan BMG 980 336/4 PDU 02 01 RPM 193/00600 DC Power Cable […]

Inventory for August 14th

Make sure to email Launch 3 at or call at 877-878-9134 to acquire the following inventory:   Manufacturer Part Number Description 123eWireless 66-143 N Plug Field Termination LMR 240 Airpax LELK1-1REC4-30326-20 20 Amp Circuit Breaker AIRPAX […]

Inventory for August 13th

Make sure to email Launch 3 at or call at 877-878-9134 to acquire the following inventory:   E-BOX ENCLOSURES  DW484812RE Type 3R4′ X 4′ X 12″ DUAL DOOR NEMA 3R BOX Ericsson BML 161 184/1 PSU […]

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