Launch 3 is looking to purchase Rosenberger and Andrew equipment!

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Launch 3 is currently looking to purchase the products below:

Rosenberger: FB-L98B-034-15000, FB-L98B-034-30000, FB-L98B-034-50000, FB-L98B-034-60000

Andrew: RFFT-36SM-001-15M, RFFT-36SM-001-30M, RFFT-36SM-001-50M, RFFT-36SM-001-60M

If you have any of these units available, please reach out to us.  We are ready to buy large quantities of these immediately.

In addition, Launch 3 is always seeking wireless equipment to purchase. If you have any other equipment you would like to sell to Launch 3 or would like to speak to us regarding our many services, please contact us today at 877-878-9134 or email

Also, remember to check out our 2015 Consumables Catalog!