Launch 3 partnering with 3Z Telecom

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Launch 3 is proud to announce our newest partnership with 3Z Telecom. We have the distinction of being the only distributor of 3Z Telecom equipment in New Jersey. Launch 3 customers will now have access to acquire high-quality equipment for improving cell site construction.

3Z Telecom offers some of the best antenna alignment tools in the telecommunications industry. For example, the 3Z RFA-1000 RF Antenna Alignment Tool is designed to improve network performance for both panel antennas and microwave systems through GPS technology. The significant features of this product are to monitor Azimuth, Tilt, Roll and AGL measurements of an antenna. It is also built for compact configuration, simple interface and lightweight transportation up the tower.

With approval from carriers such as AT&T, customers can feel confident in its great performance and unique features. This product is becoming more essential to the accuracy of installation and network coverage. In addition, 3Z Telecom manufacture antenna monitoring sensors for detecting signal disruptions.

If you are interested in acquiring 3Z Telecom equipment, please contact Launch 3 at 877-878-9134 ext 104 or email