Available Chatsworth equipment at Launch 3 Telecom

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Please contact me at Brittany.Mongelli@launch3.net if you are interested in any of the equipment listed below.

Part Number Manufacturer description
10001-001 Chatsworth Essential to any standard rack mount, these “L” brackets mount to the back of the rack channel to provide a convenient tie-down point for grounding and bonding cable runs. They are available in nonconductive nylon that is both pleasing to the eye and durable. Either end of the aluminum bracket can be attached to the rack or cabinet face, allowing cable run in several different ways.


* Made of nonconductive nylon
* Can be attached by either end of the bracket
* Overall dimensions: 4.65″ W x 1″ D

10250-112 Chatsworth Universal Cable Runway; 12″W x 1.5″H x 9.96’L; Gray; Cable Capacity – 629; Gray
10250-124 Chatsworth 24″ x 10′ CABLE RUNWAY, Type universal
10559-500 Chatsworth BRACKET STAND OFF 1″w x 6″h, 1″d
10562-001 Chatsworth Universal Earthquake bracing kit
10642-001 Chatsworth Sold in pairs
For 1 1/2 x 3/8 Stringer
Covers and protects exposed ends of cable runway and auxiliary framing bar and channel.
Reduces chances of personal injury and equipment damage.
Made of fire-retardant flat black colored rubberized material
13608-718 Chatsworth Chatsworth EasySwing Wall-Mount Rack, 19X51.5X18D 26RMU
31420-700 Chatsworth Rack Panel Adapter, Type Rack Panel Adapter, 2 hole
31430-700 Chatsworth Rack Panel Adapter, 23 to 19 in, Type Rack Panel Adapter, Rack Panel Adapters, 3 hole
40153-012 Chatsworth TMGB Pattern Busbar; 4″W x 0.25″H x 12″L; Copper The CPI 40153 series Telecommunications Main Grounding Busbar (TMGB)
46353-503 Chatsworth Chatsworth Products Inc.,Rack Relay, Innovation
55053-503 Chatsworth Standard Rack; 19″W x 7’H x 3″D; Clear; 45 RMU