Launch 3 New Inventory for June 11th

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Looking for Andrew, Carrier Access, Chatsworth, Emerson, Ericsson, Kaelus, RFS, and more? Check out the new inventory in our facility below:

Manufacturer Part Number Description
Andrew LDF5-50A HELIAX Low Density Foam Coaxial Cable, Andrew, corrugated copper, 7/8 in, black
Andrew VC-GPSWM GPS Antenna Mount
Andrew E15Z01P13 Tower Mounted Amplifier, Twin Diplexed Dual Band 850/1900 with AISGThe tower mounted amplifiers from Andrew Solutions help optimize network performance and represent the ideal solution for coverage and capacity enhancement.By improving uplink performance, Andrew Solutions Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMAs) ensure optimum coverage of fringe areas, weak spots, and indoor locations. The unit is easy to install in any wireless system and provides: Improved sensitivityreducing dropped calls and failed connection attempts. Enhanced signal qualityimproving voice clarity and data transmission speed. Lower handset outputextending talk time and reducing interference in GSM/EDGE, UMTS, and CDMA systems. The self-contained body is engineered to ensure the highest reliability in severe environments while featuring a very compact size and attractive appearance. The 850/1900 twin diplexed dual band TMA includes pole mounting hardware. It can be wall mounted with user-provided fasteners.Rejection of SMR/trunking interferenceFailsafe low noise amplifier (LNA) bypassDual protocol AISG 1.1/2.0 support RET antenna portConventional PDU compatibleLegacy dual band TMA compatibleField upgradeable firmware
Andrew 43296A-1 Hanger kit for 1-1/4 coax 10/pkg/Andrew
Andrew 252130 Non-Srvr, RF CONNECTOR,SST,UNIVERSAL,ANGLE ADAPTER,GENERIC. Line Angle Adaptor Kit Package of 10
Andrew 294572 Angle Adapter Kit SS with 3/8″ Tapped Holes, 10/Pkg
Carrier Access 8688D0 FLEXMASTER 8 – Shelf 8688D0/8688D1/8688D2
w/ 2 24/48 VDC
Carrier Access 003-1059-0006 8608 FLEXMASTER 8
Chatsworth 10562-001 Universal Earthquake bracing kit
Emerson 581126000KA Distribution Panel, 4SY S POS 16 NETSURE 700 NVBA Power
Ericsson KRC 161 276/2 RRUS 11 B2 Type 3R Enclosure
KRC1612762R1F AS1612762
GRAYBAR MCK140T-13 Cobra MCK140T-13L4 CL  TELCOFLEX# IV KS24194 # 4/0 (GRAY) Length 600V
Kaelus DBC2037F1V1-1 Broadband Diplexer (Cross Band Combiner) with DC and AISG Auto Sense Pass Through with Antenna Sniffer Port and AISG, Low Band 698-894, High Band 1710-2170
NEWTON 30220310 0030220310 5/8-11 THREADED ROD X 18″
Powerwave TT08-19DB111-001 TMA Twin Dual Band 850/1900 12 dB AISG 1.1TMA Type: TMA Twin 850/1900 Dual BandBand (MHz): 800/1900 MHzUp-Link (MHz): 824-849 MHz / 1850-1910 MHzDown-link (MHz): 869-894 MHz / 1930-1990 MHzUL Gain (dB): 12 dBUL Noise Figure: <1.7 dB, Typical
Purcell 2000001772 Kit, Qty-3, Cond Body Al. 2″ LB with fittings
RFS 109900000 Tower Mounted Amplifier, ASSY, AMP/BRACKET
RFS CP-HCA400-005 CONN HCA400-50 SP OR, Broadcast connector
RFS 109693000 COMBLINE FILTER, 490114
RFS 7253 DOWNTILT KIT – P40, BSA Antenna
RFS PD7848 PWR Divider
RFS DC-2B DC-BLOCK. CommScope equivalent: ADCB-DFDM-DB
RFS HK-W140 KIT HDW WR-62 PBR-140, RLN Accessory
RFS CP-HCA158-005 CONN HCA158-50 SP OR, Broadcast Connector
RFS BOOT5-105 BOOT ASSY 5in w/1 Hole for E105. CommScope equivalent: WGB5-90
RFS PW-G137 PW Pressure Window WPW-137C. CommScope equivalent: 55000A-137
RFS TF137-MU1-036I TF WR137 CMR/UG344U L=36in TF36-137. CommScope equivalent: F137PF0360YS
RFS APX75-866512-CT2 CommScope equivalent: LNX-6512DS-T2M
Cross Pol, Fixed Tilt,65 Deg.12dB Gain, 698-896 MHz
ANT XPOLFT 65D 12DB 750/850
Wideband antenna for dense networks where site aspect is essential.
Wideband performance 698-896 MHz
•High sidelobe suppression
•Null fill
•Dual polarization
•High front-to-back ratio
RFS M17/60-RG142 MIL DTL 17 27478 RF, microwave, IF cable in mint condition.
High temperature, high performance QPL approved MIL-C-17 coax cable for military, commercial and industrial applications.
Please see length and other specs in the table below.

The BNC connector limits overall cable assembly performance to 4 GHz

Cable assembly information

Item Type RF Cable assembly
Cable assy MFG

Cable Xperts

MFG P/N CXP142BM12.75 29707
Length (inch) 150″
Port 1


Port 2


Operation frequency (MHz)

DC-4 GHz

Impedance 50 ohms

Cable information


Harbour Industries, CAGE 27478

MFG Part Number

M17/60 , MIL-C17, RG142

MIL STD M17/60 , MIL-C17
Item Type RF Cable
Cable Type RG142
Attenuation (dB/ft) @ 100MHz

4.0 min / 5.5 max

Attenuation (dB/ft) @ 400MHz

8.1 min / 11.7 max

Attenuation (dB/ft) @ 1GHz

13.4 min / 19.2 max

Attenuation (dB/ft) @ 2.4GHz

21.3 min / 30.4 max

Attenuation (dB/ft) @ 5GHz

33.3 min / 48.7 max

Max  frequency (MHz)

17.4 GHz

Outer diameter (inch / mm) 0.19″ / 4.8mm
Shielding Double round wire silver plated copper braids
RF Leakage (dB) -75 dB (excluding BNC connector)

Rosenberger RLJC-A8500-H305 10 ‘ ft Jumper 7/16″ Din Male – OPEN END 1/2″ R-Foamed Polyethylen (PE) Coax
Site Pro ADAP-O Angle Adapters for Snap-Ins, 10 packs
Wireless Solutions HLGB-0424T-NH HLGB-0424TATT-NH  1/4x4x24 Ground Buss Bar