New Launch 3 Inventory for June 17th

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Check out what’s new in Launch 3’s inventory. Equipment comes from manufacturers such as Andrew, Ericsson, Ameritec, Magnetek, PSG Controls, Tekelec, and Tellabs.

Manufacturer Part Number Description
Ameritec CRS-D Crescendo 1.544MM Call Generator
Andrew ATM200-A20 RET Motors for VTM Antenna, Teletilt Actuator, AISG 2.0 default protocol.The ATM200-A20 is shipped in AISG 2.0 mode. In the field, the actuator can be set to AISG 1.1 or 2.0 as needed.  The actuator’s absolute position sensor eliminates the need for calibration, enhances precision and prevents dropped calls caused by calibration sweeps. Male and female AISG connectors facilitate daisy chaining actuators. As many as 32 actuators can be attached to a single control line.  This actuator is equipped with a flashing LED, which indicates data transfer and tilt movements. It comes in a weather resistant gasket-sealed container that has a drain hole to permit drainage of condensed moisture.  The ATM200-A20 actuator can be field fitted onto Andrew Teletilt remote electrical downtilt (RET) compatible antennas that are already in service or factory fitted before delivery to the field.  The part number for antennas with a factory-fit ATM200-A20 actuator ends in -AxM, with x referring to the number of the attached actuators (either A1M or A2M). Allows remote electrical tilt (RET) Conforms with AISG 1.1 and 2.0 Ships in AISG 2.0 mode
Ericsson RPM 253 4692/3000 R1A 2F OCD-LCD W/ Cover 3M RPM25346923000 LCD-2F9UG657-RDC-F
MAGNETEK 38749910000 901PS5 rectifier, CODE:3874-99-1, INPUT:100-240V- 50-60hz 25A MAXIMUM
Tekelec 870-1484-01 EAGLE STP LIM-AINF MOD
Tekelec 870-1484-01 EAGLE STP LIM-AINF MOD
Tellabs 81.5514DD TITAN-5500 OCT DS1 PR
Tellabs 81.5365 STS-1E