Inventory for July 23rd

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Manufacturer Part Number Description
123eWireless CEQ.31718 RRUW DIRECT FIBER CABLE, 2 SECTOR, 10 METER. CEQ.31718
123eWireless CEQ.31719 RRUW Direct Fiber Cable, 2 Sector, 20 meter
3Z Telecom 3Z RFA-1000 This tool improves network performance for both panel antennas and microwave systems. Through GPS technology, it has the ability to measure Azimuth, Tilt, Roll and AGL measurements. This eliminates the need for a compass, GPS, and range finder with one compact product. For microwave technology, it has the ability to measure the microwave path and microwave path target data. For ground inspections, the 3Z RF Aligner ensures antennas are meeting target specifications. It is built for simple interface and lightweight transportation up the tower.
Alcatel-Lucent 3HE02778BA 3HE02778BAAC01 7705 (SIAD) SAR-8 24V FAN CARD 82-0228-03
Andrew ATCB-B01-003 3 METER RET cable, AISG-8MM-6 CABLE ASSY, Male-Female Teletilt RET Control Cable 3 Meter ,Andrew/Commscope
Andrew ATCB-B01-040 40 METER RET cable, AISG-8MM-6 CABLE ASSY, Andrew/Commscope

Teletilt  AISG RET Control Cable, 40 m

Feeds data and power to RET system components
AISG and RoHS compliant

Andrew F4A-PDMDM-6-USA FSJ4-50B SureFlexâ„¢ Jumper with interface types 7-16 DIN Male and 7-16 DIN Male, 1.829 m.
AVAGO AFCT-5710APZ The Avago AFCT-5710ALZ  / AFBR-571xZ family of SFP optical transceivers offers a wide range of gigabit ethernet design options, including optional DMI features, two temperature ranges, and choice of standard or bail delatch.

The AFBR-5715Z family targets those applications requiring DMI features. The AFBR-5710Z family is a streamlined product designed for those applications where DMI features are not needed.

Communication Components HPD-1819-3 High Power Dummy Load – Triple Module 15570
CSS Antenna 992015 Bias-T AISG Bottom F/F Rev A
CSS Antenna RET-100 Remote Electrical Tilt
Eaton NL20 Neutral/Ground Lug for BR and CH Series Loadcenters, 125 AMP, #2/0 Maximum Wire Size, Used as and Add-on Neutral or Ground Lug. Suitable For Use with Copper Or Aluminum Conductor.
Ericsson TSR 432 120 /700 ConnectionCable
Ericsson RPM513 1736/01500 EMILY CAB.ASSY SIGNAL-JACK 1.5M
Ericsson RPM 253 2895/5000 2F LCD-LCD SM RRUW01
Ericsson NTM10111261 CABLE Ki
Ericsson TSR4820211/2400 ERICSSON RBS 6601 RJ-45 CABLE
Ericsson TSR4820211/2400 ERICSSON RBS 6601 RJ-45 CABLE
Ericsson RPM2533577/010M CONNECTION CABLE
Ericsson RPM 253 1610/10M 2F SM G657A2 LC-DUPLEX 10M
Ericsson RPM 113 6127/15M RPM1136127/15MR2A nterface Cable Eth Straight 15M
Ericsson TSRU41321/1600 ERICSSON RBS 6601 GROUND CABLE
Ericsson RPM 777 193/00160 ERICSSON RBS 6601 DC POWER CABLE
Ericsson RPM 777 01/00180 Signal Cable
Raycap MPM6-XXGGGG  Innovative patented modular design allows for custom protection configurations Modules can be removed, replaced and/or upgraded independently Interchangeable modules available for: T1/E1* Digital Signaling Level 3 (DS-3) 10/100 Base-T Ethernet 1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) unshielded Power over Ethernet (PoE) available soon Double lug grounding available T1/E1 module is UL 497B 4th Edition Listed*
Rosenberger FB-L98B-035-5000 16.4 ft FTTA LC Duplex-LC Duplex Jumper  Connector side A: LC-D, SM blue Connector side B: LC-D, SM blue on side B there is a 2.9mm fan-out with an LC-compact connector.Hotmelt divider on each side. Cable outer diameter: 5M
Source Photonics SP-GB-LX-IDFN FIBER OPTIC TRANSCEIVER, 1270-1355nm, 1250Mbps(Tx), 1250Mbps(Rx), PANEL MOUNT, LC CONNECTOR