New Inventory for July 13th

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Make sure to email Launch 3 at or call at 877-878-9134 to acquire the following inventory:

Manufacturer Part Number Description
American Fittings Corp STR20045 2″ 45* liquid tight connector malleable iron CSA rated
American Fittings Corp STR75 3/4″ Straight Liquidtight Connector Steel, Zinc plated.
American Fittings Corp FIB125 1 1/4″ Rigic IMC Conduit Plastic Insulating Bushing
American Fittings Corp CHB2 Conduit Hangers with Bolt, 1″ Rigid 1″ EMT
American Fittings Corp CHB5 Conduit Size – Rigid 2″  EMT 2″
Bridgeport 245-DC Coupling, Set Screw, Zinc Die Cast, Size 2 Inch
Bridgeport 475-LT2 1 in. 90 Degree Liquid Tight Conduit Connector, Cast Zinc
Bridgeport 156-DC 2″ Threaded Hub, suitable for use with rigid service entrance conduit. Insulated Throat, 90 degree C, Liquid Tight
Bridgeport 455-SLT 45 Deg Liquid Tight Conn
Bridgeport 951 Size 1″. 1/4″ – 20 tapped holes. Flange thickness 1/8″ to 1/2″. For use with 1/2″ 3/4″ or 1″ rigid IMC EMT Conduit
Cooper Bussmann KS-23751L1 70A-1-1/3A   Buss Fusers 300VDC 100203322
Crouse Hinds LT20045 Conduit Cable Connectors. Liquidtight Fitting 2″ NPT, 45 DEG, Malleable Iron, Non-insulated
Crouse Hinds LB67 2″ Conduit Outlet Body
Eaton LB65 2″ conduit outlet body
Emerson 1211V2 Lorain/Vortex Power System 1211v2
Converter Frame Support 110a
Ericsson RPM 253 1610/10M 2F SM G657A2 LC-DUPLEX 10M
Garvin MBC-1420 Malleable Iron Beam Clamp w/ 7/8in. Jaw Opening & 1/4-20 Threade
Garvin MBC-3816 Malleable Iron Beam Clamp With 1-1/8″ Jaw Opening and 3/8-16 Threaded Holes
Garvin MT200 2″ Malleable Iron T Style Conduit Body
Garvin LL200 2″ Powder Coated Die Cast Aluminum LL Style Conduit Body
Garvin CH-100 1′ Conduit Hangers w/Screw & Nut Slot-Phil
Garvin CHSS-100 Stainless Steel Conduit Hanger With Bolt and Nut for 1″ EMT or 1″ Rigid Conduit
Hoffman ATC48R489 Type 3r Telephone Cabinet. Telephone Cabinet, Wood Panel, Bulletin T90r3 (t3-box Type 3r Telephone Cabinets), Size/dims: 48.00×48.00×9.00, Material/finish: Steel/wood
JMC Steel Group 7.86692E+11 2″ cond coupling
Kraloy E182165 LL-200 2″ Rigid Conduit w/cover & Gasket Gray. SES
Kraloy LR200 SES
Madison Electric LN2-200-1 Sealing Locknut with Gasket 2 inch
Madison Electric LN2-200-1 Sealing Locknut with Gasket 2 inch
Madison Electric 5-WBAS 2″ Conduit Hanger w/Nut and Bolt
Middle Atlantic Products U1 Utility Rackshelf, 1 RU, 10.75″D
Panduit 3VTA5 Corrugated Loom, Orange, ID 1.29 In, 50Ft
PANDUIT CLT100F-C4 Corrugated loom tubing slit wall, 1″ (25.4mm) x 100′ (30.5m), polyethylene, yellow.
Smart Pathways KBLB251 2 1/2″ PVC Smart Conduit Bodies
Telect HPGMT10 100A Dual-feed 10/10 GMT, ±24V/-48V
Thomas & Betts 5237 Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit  2 in. straight steel liquidtight connector
Trimm 7571049101 GMT Fuse Panel Optimum Value 20A. 19.00 W x 1.75 H x 2.000 D