Inventory for August 10th

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Make sure to email Launch 3 at or call at 877-878-9134 to acquire the following inventory:

Manufacturer Part Number Description
123eWireless 123-1 DMDM-12-P 12 FOOT 1/2″ Flexible, DIN (Male) to DIN (Male)These Low PIM Jumpers are weather proofed via a factory made injection over molding process. The overall design has few internal components which in turn reduces the intermodulation distortion (IMD). Each assembly is optimized to produce low passive third order intermodulaton. Assembly PIM test performance averages -165dBc. Each jumper is individually certified to guarantee performance.
Andrew A1480 SEK Standard Aluminum Grounding Kit for 1-1/4 in FXL-1480 cable
Andrew A1873SEK Ground Kit: 1 5/8 ALUMINUM
Andrew A1873SEK Ground Kit: 1 5/8 ALUMINUM
Andrew SG158-12 B2 U Sure-Ground kit for 1-5/8″ cable, w/ 4′ lead and field attach two hole lug
Ericsson KRY 112 180/3 R1A RUS 04 B4
Ericsson SXK 109 9212/1 R1C DU Subrack SXK1099212/1R1C
Ericsson RPM 253 4692/3000 R1A 2F OCD-LCD W/ Cover 3M RPM25346923000 LCD-2F9UG657-RDC-F
Kenwood T9121MT2-3 universal stand off 2-3″
Kenwood T9122MT3-4 3/8″ hardware, STANDOFFS,     GALVANIZED, 10 PKG P
RFS 826186-925 Andrew SureFlex Low PIM jumpers are made with premium cable and factory molded connectors to ensure consistent performance. Each jumper is individually labeled guaranteed DTF, VSWR, and PIM Values at -34 dB DTF; 1.06 VSWR and -116 dBm PIM.RFS Factory Fit Standard Jumper Ass’y. 25′ long. Made of RFS 1/2″ Superflexible cable with a DIN male connector on one end and DIN male loose for field intall.
Site Pro CXB38 **KIT OF 10***
Supco SLP90120 Automatic Resest Low Pressure Switch (90 Open, 120 Close)
Supco SLP3560 High precision controls at economical prices. Encapsulated, non-adjustable, single pole – single throw, direct mount switches for use with HFC, HCFC, and CFC refrigerants.Features/BenefitsLow pressure SPST open on pressure fallTemperatures: Ambient 20F to 176F (-30C to 80C). Fluid 60F to 250F (-50C to 120C)Rated Voltage: 50/60 Hz, 24/120/240 Volts (6 RLA, 36 LRA)Life at rated load: 100,000 cycles” SAE female flare fitting with valve core depressorSnap acting stainless steel hermetically sealed sensor (SHP, SLP, and SFC)Small size and light weight for direct mountingExcellent set point repeatability/stabilityPressure range: 0 to 650 PSIBurst pressure: 5000 PSI
Wireless Solutions GK-S12 Standard ground kit for 1/2″ corrugated coax or CellReach cable. Includes 3/8″ 2-hole lugs. Come with a 5′ Lead. Field attached.