Andrew Antennas for Sale!

Launch 3 Telecom currently has the below Andrew antennas in stock and ready to ship. Contact or call 877-878-9134 ext. 104 today! Andrew Antennas QTY CELLMAX-O-CPUSE 13 DB910CE-M 20 DBXCP-4545A-R2M 5 DBXLH-6565A-R2M 9 DBXLH-6565A-VTM 4 DBXLH-6565B-R2M 41 DBXLH-8585A-R2M 50 […]

Equipment for Sale

Launch 3 Telecom has the below telecom equipment in stock. Please contact me or call 877-878-9134 ext.104 if you are interested. Manufacturer Part Number Alcatel-Lucent RRH2x40-07-L Alcatel-Lucent RRH2X60-1900 Alcatel-Lucent RRH2x40-07-L Andrew E15Z01P17 Andrew 641280-DF Andrew E15S09P80 Andrew E15Z01P04 Andrew […]