Equipment for Sale

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Launch 3 Telecom has the below telecom equipment in stock. Please contact me or call 877-878-9134 ext.104 if you are interested.

Manufacturer Part Number
Alcatel-Lucent RRH2x40-07-L
Alcatel-Lucent RRH2X60-1900
Alcatel-Lucent RRH2x40-07-L
Andrew E15Z01P17
Andrew 641280-DF
Andrew E15S09P80
Andrew E15Z01P04
Andrew E15Z01P13
Andrew E15Z01P13
Andrew SBNH-1D65A
Andrew DBXLH-8585A-VTM
Andrew E15S09P94
Andrew E15S08P78
Andrew E15S09P84
Andrew E15S08P80
Andrew E15S08P77
Kaelus DBC0037F1V2-1
Kaelus TBC0020F1V52-1
Powerwave LGP21901
Powerwave 7020
Powerwave CM1007-DBPXBC-003
Powerwave CM1007-DBPXBC-003
Powerwave P65-15-XLH-RR
RFS ATM19801712-0

We also sell Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Valmont, RFS, Andrew/Commscope, Powerwave, Kathrine-Scala ect..

Equipment includes: Ericsson RPM cables, SFP’s, TMA’s, antennas, breakers, jumpers, diplexers, connectors ,ect.. basically anything needed in a cell-tower build. We have power equipment as well.

Please reach out to me if you’re looking for anything!

Allison – 877-878-9134 ext.104 -cell: 201-446-1163.